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Customer testimonial

  • klimmzugstange_decke_d2_aHans-Christian G.
    Visually and functionally perfect

    "We are crazy about the D2. It hangs from the ceiling at our place and blends effortlessly very well into the overall picture, what justify the extra cost compared to cheap alternative models. You can see that also on the customer pictures that I - for whatever reason - have only discovered after buying the pull-up bar. Moreover the processing is also very nice".

  • klimmzugstange - B4Sascha K.
    Great service, top quality, fast delivery ... what more could you want ?!

    "The goal of my order was the pull-up bar BG2 but I still had a lot of adjustment requests (bar length, additional handles, the length and angle of mounting struts). One week after ordering, the bar was already arrived here and could be put up. And what shall I say, the processing is great, not to mention the steel that looks sophisticated and of high quality, and of course the requirements of the sketch were super implemented."

  • klimmzugstange_und_powertube1Christoph W.
    Ideal for beginners

    "In my opinion the resistance band is perfect for beginners. Thanks to the additional support it is possible to make more pull-ups and and this keeping the same quality of execution while working out. Thus i train more frequently and have a higher motivation. It is a super product to facilitate the getting in, Thank you!"

  • klimmzugstange_wand_w1_bg_aThomas E.
    Quality product

    "I am using the pull-up bar for already about 3 years and I'm still totally satisfied. It is super processed, stable, feels good and  looks also nice. I can only recommend this training device."

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